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Thank you for buying the book Beat Strum Acoustic Guitar | Essential Picking Hand Percussion Techniques.


Whether you purchased the Kindle eBook or the physical print book from the Amazon bookstore, the  following videos have been produced to help bring the descriptions and techniques to life!

Look out for wherever you see this logo appears in the book to find the section it supports.

Please remember, safety first! The book and these videos are aimed to help you play the acoustic guitar. They include physical movements which are not traditional technique and use of a guitar which involves impact to its body.

If in doubt at any time, consult a medical professional for your health, and a guitar technician/luthier for your guitar.  

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Beat Strum Events

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Beat Strum Event - Kick Drum Chord
Beat Strum Event - Snare Chord Types
Beat Strum Event - Kick Drum Note
Beat Strum Event - Body Tapping
Beat Strum Event - Hybrid Mode

Beat Strum Riffs

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