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musician's Gig Journal

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Introducing the Musician's Gig Journal – Your Essential Companion On The Road To Musical Success!

Streamline your gig preparations, capture your creative ideas, and reflect on your performances – all in one place!

Created from years of personal experience, the Musician's Gig Journal is more than just a blank book with a few templates – it's a comprehensive system designed to help you get the most out of every gig. From pre-gig preparation checklists to post-gig reflections, this journal is your ultimate tool for growth and success as a performing musician.


Perfect for anyone who gigs or performances live, not just guitarists or singer-wongwriters!


What is included: 


Split over 200 pages, this journal include:

  • Gig performance and venue checklists

  • Song list alphabetical organiser and 5 setlists creators

  • Equipment inventory and usage tracking

  • 10 Song "flash-writing" pages and 26 music notation idea jotters

  • 20 pages for gig reflection for bullet point journaling, mind mapping or doodling and action identification

  • Financial trackers and 10 blank invoices

  • And more

Ready to transform your gig experience? Buy your Musician's Gig Journal today!

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Extra Supporting Content

In addition, each section is supported by an article on this very website. Click on the button below to find out more.

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