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Beat Strum - the Book

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Exclusive to the paperback edition


  • Bonus practice workbook and journals including song breakdown analysis templates.

  • Example training session plans to suit a variety of practice times.


Unique to Kindle Ebook


  • Complete flowable content, meaning that you can zoom in and use any device with the Kindle App.

  • Abilities to tap and zoom into all images in the book.

  • Hyperlink direct from the Ebook to this site.

Available in the Amazon and Kindle Bookstores in Colour Paperback and Kindle EBook Format

Are You a Soloist, Singer-Songwriter or Acoustic duo?  

Do you want to achieve a more energetic and impactful performance with your steel-string acoustic guitar? 

Look no further! Welcome to the world of Beat Strum - Essential Picking Hand Percussion Techniques. This streamlined handbook is a must have for anybody who shares a passion for the acoustic guitar, played with a pick / plectrum. The concepts and principles introduced are simple to follow and will help you perform your favourite or own songs with much higher musical intensity compared to traditional playing methods. Buy or loan this Beat Strum book, master the techniques and you and your audience will experience a more rewarding and enjoyable performance. 


Perfect for Intermediate and Advanced guitar players 


In this Beat Strum Acoustic Guitar Handbook you will discover: -

  • The core principles behind Beat Strum and this picking hand rhythm style  

  • Identifying where the percussive tones exist on the acoustic body

  • Breaking down the physical movements needed

  • Essential sequences to get you started and the approach for creating your own

  • Brief insights to live performances

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What is included: 


  • As a flowable Kindle book or as a 93 paperback pages of simple to follow steel string guitar lessons  

  • Beautifully illustrated photos and rhythm patterns which accompany the lesson descriptions

  • Unique playing tips and secrets from over 25 years of guitar playing experience

  • Detailed hand diagrams, motions and percussion techniques 

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Additional Bonus Video Content to help you master the Beat Strum technique in this very website, wherever this logo appears in the book.

If you’re ready to learn more and advance your acoustic guitar playing journey, then this book is for you!

Scroll up and click the Amazon Bookstore button to buy the book and get started right away! Or if you are a Kindle Unlimited member, borrow it today!


I look forward to welcoming you to the Beat Strum playing community.

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