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Musician's Gig Journal | Riff and Melody Ideas

When you're not officially performing, it's highly likely that you'll stumble across creating little melodic themes or riffs that catch your attention. It's important to capture these moments of inspiration. If you're comfortable with musical notation, jotting it down can be powerful, even if it's just the essence of the idea. Alternatively, you can hum or play the riff and record it on your phone or any other recording device but having it jotted down provides a physical reminder of your potential big hit or key arrangement.

In this book, you'll find over 20 musical staves specifically designed to capture these nuggets of inspiration. You can choose to write them in traditional musical notation, tablature, or rhythm chart format, depending on your preference and comfort level.

These musical ideas may end up forming the basis of songs that you write in the future. By cataloguing and organising them, you create a valuable resource of creative material that you can revisit and expand upon whenever inspiration strikes. Think of how many great rock songs centre around a powerful and distinctive riff!

Don't underestimate the power of these ideas. They have the potential to become significant pieces of your musical repertoire, and documenting them ensures that you don't let them slip away. In addition, you may want to capture a specific way you play a song riff or lick, again making this template section a powerful tool.


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