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Musician's Gig Journal | Gear Management

As a performing musician, it's likely that you will accumulate equipment to enhance your performance capabilities. Most venues may not have suitable performance audio equipment available, or may not allow you to use their equipment for safety or insurance reasons. Whether you are a singer or instrumentalist, there will be times when you need to bring your own powered amplifiers, loudspeakers, stands, microphones, and instruments.

Thus it is essential to both own your equipment but also maintain and take care of it. This involves not only ensuring that you remember to take everything home at the end of the night but also conducting crucial maintenance checks such as electrical portable safety checks (commonly known as PAT Testing in the UK) or any other required maintenance. This section of the book provides you with a space to write down the equipment you use and when the last checks were conducted. Additionally, as a performing act, it's important to consider obtaining insurance coverage for yourself, your equipment, and your audience's safety.

Lastly, it is wise to have a backup plan and identify what spare equipment or parts you have available, especially for items like cables that undergo significant strain during each gig and are prone to tangling (or being stepped on during a gig).

By keeping an equipment inventory and conducting regular checks, you ensure that your equipment is in good working condition, minimising any potential issues during performances. Having insurance coverage (both equipment and performance liability cover) safeguards against unforeseen circumstances, and having backup equipment or spare parts provides reassurance in case of emergencies.


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