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Musician's Gig Journal | Gig Checklist

Experience has taught me that performing a gig involves far more duties than just the performance itself. The preparation of aspects surrounding the performance aids in enabling a smoother and more enjoyable gigging experience, all part of our Musician’s Operational Excellence. When I first started gigging, I would handle additional tasks on the spot, realising over time that I would do the same things repeatedly for each gig. I wanted to take the guesswork out of it and not have to rely on my memory each time.

The beginning of this book features the Gig Checklist, purposely included in this position for quick reference wherever and whenever you need it. In fact, the contents of this book are centred around the gig.

Through experience here I have broken down a gig into five simple stages to ensure that you are prepared, have a plan for arrival and setup, enjoy playing, and leave in a professional manner. Unlike many sections in this book, the Gig Checklist is not repeated as it is designed purely for a quick glance reference. Additionally, there is a sixth part where you can add more checks to suit your specific needs.


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