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Musician's Gig Journal | Venue Details Checklist

Similar in nature to the gig checklist, there are various aspects about a venue worth finding out to effectively plan a gig. All too often, I've experienced situations where we thought we had plenty of time to travel, set up, and work around any issues, only to discover that the parking we were told about is full, the performance area in the venue is still occupied by dining customers, the venue staff were unaware of our booking, or the payment terms differed from what we expected.

Following this venue checklist ensures that you have all the relevant information about the venue, especially any limitations or specific requirements. The checklist provides spaces for capturing details for 10 venues. Of course, I hope you get to play at many more places, but these spaces are offered to help form the habit of checking the details in advance to reduce any unwanted surprises. It's always better to be prepared and avoid situations like having to play near the toilets once again in a pub or being caught without any means to immediately write things down.

This helps ensure smooth and successful performances and provide a professional appearance,, minimising potential issues or surprises.

Remember, thorough preparation and attention to venue details contribute to a professional and seamless gig experience and enhance our Musician’s Operational Excellence.


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